Larry Craig doth protest too much

The Idaho Statesman has made clips of Dan Popkey’s May 2007 tepid interview with Idaho Senator Larry Craig available here. It’s a tense conversation to say the least, and Craig makes his distaste for Popkey more than obvious.

Here’s one of my favorites:

“I don’t go around anywhere hitting on men, and my god, if I did, I wouldn’t do it in Boise, Idaho!”

Well, that’s partially right. He does it in airport bathrooms.

But here’s my favorite, Freudian slip and all.

“I’ll tell you right now the politics of our world has changed, it’s all about self-destruction…”

After Craig utters the words “self-destruction,” listen closely and you’ll hear the wheels come completely off his train of thought as he no doubt realizes what he’s just said, to wit his wife Suzanne sails in to rescue him with an angry snap at Popkey for asking Craig to respond to a man who claims to have had sex with the senator in Union Station. “I’m incensed that you would even consider such a piece of trash as a credible source,” Suzanne barked.

UPDATE: I just finished watching Craig and his lovely wife on television, where he ferociously denied any wrongdoing and blameshifted responsibility for the entire affair on to Popkey and the Idaho Statesman. He even used the phrase “witch hunt.”

Anyone seen the Senator’s family values lately? They’ve come up missing. Check everywhere, please. (Don’t forget to check the bathroom…)


5 responses to “Larry Craig doth protest too much

  • bonniedodge

    Check out the Times News. His story isn’t buried in the back.

  • lidia

    aaaaahhhhhh. conservative hypocrisy strikes again…seems to be, well, like everywhere these days.
    hey guy, your fly is open.

  • mingo

    Wrong again, Trevor. Larry Craig does have a point. I mean, who hasn’t been in a public bathroom stall and looked down only to find the most incredible pair of shoes in the stall next to you. Who hasn’t looked over with the overwhelming urge to stroke your neighbor’s alligator skin, pointy toe loafers. Larry Craig simply had the courage to act on his appreciation of fine footwear.

    Then there’s the issue of some of us men with a wide stance when we pee. It’s not gay at all, but instead suggestive of our virility.

  • trevor

    I stand corrected. In fact, now that I think about it, I’m fairly certain the Spartans had that wide stance, too. Wasn’t there a deleted scene on the DVD for 300 that showed all those dudes with sixpack abs shaking off before battle? And as Saint Frank Miller has clearly shown us, there’s never been a culture in history *less* gay than Spartan culture.

  • darkUncle

    It is amazing that he states over and over again that he is not gay in an interview and then follows up fervor with comments on the media’s pressure on him and his family.
    Is the connection that the writings in the paper pressured him to do it? Wow the Statesman has gotten much better as a paper since i last read one.
    I am next hoping that they do a 6 article series on my raise to fame as a male underwear model so it will come true also. Maybe it’s printed on magic paper.

    Mingo makes a strong point on footwear courage. My shoes are not sexy enough. I travel a lot, and ipso facto I should be hit up a lot on in airport bathrooms and it is just not happening. Of to the mall to get something pretty for my trip to SoCal.

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