chiasmus podcast ep.02

Listen, and ye too shall discover the details of Chiasmus’ Fight Song Contest, Steve Tomasula’s unchecked egomania, Ken Kesey’s debt, Colette Phair’s spare body parts, and much much more.  Click now and you’ll receive 100% more Frank and 38% more King Mingo than our last episode.

Recorded 17 Aug 2007 in Milwaukie, OR.  But of course.


6 responses to “chiasmus podcast ep.02

  • Colette

    I don’t remember if I said college radio was a bad thing..

    Are we going to see Andy and Lily fight to the death next episode?

  • trevor

    Lily lives in South Bend, but we’ll do our best to get her out for a cagematch with King Mingo. Factoring jetlag and granting Mingo 2 feet in height, my money’s still on Lily.

    All the way.

  • Lily

    Oh you’d best tell you “king” Mingo to watch his back. Just you wait & see what happens.

    Yeah, & good job backing me up there, friend. (Again for typos. I typed “fried” instead of “friend” that first time. You’d best watch your back too…)

    To piggy back on the college radio comment, I have to admit, it is a little college radio, only where’s the indie music? I was waiting for an ungodly amount of pretentious name-dropping, such that occurs in concentrated doses on college radio, but it wasn’t bad.

    All joking aside, it’s good, this Chiasmus podcast you’ve got going. Maybe one day, when I’ve had more protein & adrenaline than anyone would ever need, cagematch all the way, but only if Steve can be on my side too. That’s the only fair way.

  • lid

    hahahaha i’d pay CASH MONEY to see that match up…


  • trevor

    I see Steve playing the role of Burgess Meredith in the Rocky movies. That is, up until the part when he dies from the heart attack Mr. T gave him. Steve should be ringside, with a big white towel and a bucket of spit. He’s going to need both.

  • amingox

    Don’t you have anything better to do? I’d whip all you alls.


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