Puck. You.

Just found out Brian Charles Clark is back with a brand new Puck attack. Clark founded the venerable Permeable Press in the early 1990s and is also the author of Splitting (Wordcraft, 1999), one of my favorite spec-lit novels of all time; he also holds the dubious distinction of publishing my first review work. Good to see the pucker back in the saddle.


2 responses to “Puck. You.

  • Brian Charles Clark

    Thanks for the kind words, T-man! I didn’t know Splitting was anybody’s favorite anything, so this is good to know. I doubt seriously that it’ll ever be used against you, but do remember your Crazy Miranda Rights (old J. Airplane song, right? Or am I the one?). Glad to see you’re still kicking out the jams and gettin’ yr ya-yas out. Important, that.

  • trevor

    I don’t recall any Mirandizing, but that doesn’t mean anything. Lil help?

    Great to hear from you, bro-ham.

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