chiasmus launches a podcast

I met up last week with Andy Mingo and Lidia Yuknavitch to record the first episode of a brand-spankin’-new podcast for Chiasmus Press. Here’s who and what we pimped/name-dropped/mentioned in ep #01:

Lidia’s new novel and her boxing match with Stacey Levine :: Andy’s new film, The Iconographer :: Mark Amerika :: Lou Rowan :: Davis Schneiderman :: Carlos Hernandez :: Strippers and donuts in Portland :: 2007 Writers Edge Conference :: Lance Olsen :: Brian Evenson :: Lucy Corin :: Magic Gardens :: Miranda July :: Holly Andres :: Grace Carter :: Andy Blubaugh :: Karl Lind :: Kill Me Tomorrow :: The White Stripes’ one-note show :: Prince’s “free” album in England :: Lidia tangles with The Oregonian :: Writing as a dying commodity :: How James Frey is a fucking liar :: How Andy loves the Iraq War :: Jean Baudrillard‘s “The Persian Gulf War and Other Fictions” :: Trevor’s stupid conspiracy theories about mainstream publishing :: Noam Chomsky :: Curtis White’s “The New Censorship” :: Cindy Sheehan :: How Jon Stewart is totally a bourgeois genius :: How Stephen Colbert is totally a 21st century Jonathan Swift :: Andy’s love/hate relationship with the poor :: How Kathy Acker, William Burroughs and Charles Baudelaire are posers :: How the Harry Potter books reinforce Anglocentrism :: Andy’s hatred for American film-making :: The possible redemption of Robert Rodriguez :: Hal Hartley :: David Lynch :: Jim Jarmusch :: How Lidia craves schlock :: Trevor’s obvious declarations about punk :: How YouTube and blogs are community more than commodity :: How, in declaring that “The Matrix is pure!”, Andy gets cut off for at least a week :: How Chiasmus Press is an elitist, hypocritical enterprise worthy of everyone’s scorn

You can subscribe to the podcast by copy-pasting this feed into your favorite RSS aggregator; click here if you have iTunes.


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