Dear Carmindy,

That’s a snazzy website you’ve got there.  I’m wondering, though, if you’ve earned the right to go by only one name.  Bono?  Check.  Madonna?  Yes.  Bjork?  Absolutely.  Carmindy? Not so much.



12 responses to “Dear Carmindy,

  • DU

    Wow … talk about attempting to create your own brand. Sadly when I see this much fluff I wonder if it is a website selling feminine hygiene products or talking about the next great diet trend.
    When you just don’t feel fresh enough ……….

  • momofthree

    I completely agree. What, two minutes of air time gives you that kind of credibility? But that girls Ego sure seems to be large, her attiutide fake, no matter how many times she tells people the are so “beautiful”. Hey I do that myself, compliment others. But there’s sincerity, and then lack totally thereof. This girl lacks all true empathy and credibility, she seems more about herself, than those around. Course I could be wrong. Yet, my kids remind me, mama, you’re rarely wrong.
    who cares though Right?

  • trevor




  • anonymous

    I just saw this site and wanted to ad something.. Carmindy deserves to call herelf anything she likes…… we all do. Heck, my mom changed her name fifteen years ago, but as far as Carmindy goes, it has always been her name, even though its officially her middle one, but again I’ve got tons of friends that have done that, and she’s gone by Carmindy since birth. As far as no last name, she has one, as well all do, but with a name like Carmindy why would you want to ad anything else. Carmindy, just alone, is far more professional and for marketing purposes a far better choice than Carmindy Acosta (thought that’s a beautiful name) it makes perfect sense to use only one name. I didn’t know you had to accomplish anything great to use only one name. If she’d have used her first and last, I personally don’t think she’d be as popular as she is. She’s a brilliant girl, and needs no permission to do whatever she wants. I say keep up the good work Carmindy, your one word name…… is perfect!

  • Anonymous

    Hello again,
    Just had to vent and didn’t know where to so decided to here. I really don’t watch the show, but have caught it enough times to see that I completely dread the part where they have to get their haircut. Nick may give great cuts in his Salon, but WHY in the heck does he give the same haircut to every girl that comes in there? It’s excruciating. And it’s a horrible cut, as if he watches re-runs of Early “Friends” episodes every night. He’s taken some girls who had gorgeous thick long hair in need of shaping, and wacked it all off to that bowl head hair cut where he “shaves” the hair to thin it for lift? Whatever, Why does he only give one cut and not personalize for each girl, it’s completely depressing. Carm makes them gorgeous, she’s beyond talented at way more than just make up, and personalizes for each girl, but Nick? Come on! You’re killing me. Am I loosing my mind? Don’t answer that, but really why does he have to cut all their hair off and into only one ugly style?

  • trevor

    Nick The Razor is in the hizzy! Ladies beware.

  • Anonymous

    just saw another epsiode of WNTW. First, this show is totally unrealistic! except the makeup part. NO ONE in normal life can pay 200.00 for a T. The Hosts make the people feel stupid because their in shock spending a grand on a pair of pants and perhaps only 800.00 for shoes, they may make out with about four full outfits… for FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS???? AND they have to throw out their entire previous wardrobe. Super.
    I think if the show really wanted to help people, it would show them how to shop for Designer, but at discount prices. And NICK??? UGH!!! HE cut his greasy hair, but did the same Damn haircut that is so boyish on yet another victim.
    Carm saved the girl from a breakdown as her makeup showed her natural beauty and for a while took the girls mind off of her god awful hair. IT’s wrong I tell you. Just wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I just read the Momofthree post, and had to repost again, yes,this is an empty website, but perfect for my venting then. Carmindy is not fake. I grew up with her. For twenty years. I know her inside and out though we sadly lost touch around 9/11, but either way.. She is simply driven, and she completely believes in herself, she always has. That doesnt’ make you self absorbed, she is wonderful to people she is friends with and makes strangers feel beautiful. She is a private person, and probably one of the funniest people you have ever met. I just wanted to set the record straight, As far as one name, I’ve given my opinion already, and I think it has always been perfect for her.

  • trevor

    An “empty” website? Hrrmm…

    If Carmindy is “a private person,” why are complete strangers discussing her online?

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Trevor
    I was not meaning to emply that your website is empty, I’ve written a couple times, I just meant that there aren’t any people venting about Ncik as I have and as far as complete strangers, Perhaps now I am a complete stranger to Carm, but when you grew up together from fourteen till thirty, whether she talks to me or not, I don’t consider her to be a stranger. No offense to you emplied. Truly. I’m sorry, as I’m using it as a sounding board to vent, so thank you as this is my fifth message here.

  • anonymous

    Actually, only two, no three including Trevor, are total strangers. I consider that to be pretty private.

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