Dear Blank Moleskine Notebook,

You are totally worthless right now. I mean, take a look at Jim Woodring‘s notebooks by comparison. Always full of amazing, beautiful things. You, however, are a miserable failure. Thanks for nothing.

You are the reason I’d rather play Guitar Hero 2 these days.



3 responses to “Dear Blank Moleskine Notebook,

  • Aaron W

    Why, oh why do I keep buying these things? Every one I have – and every one a different combination of size, paper weight and lining – is filled maybe 1/10th to 1/4th full. Still, I buy. Still I love them. I will admit an exception with the kraft-paper pocket-sized things (which are remarkably durable for back-pocket use) which make it, usually, to 2/3rd full before being lost, washed, or retired early. There is something addictive about the things. Something needed. Something entirely different from any other notebook.
    Page-by-page. That’s the way. After the first, it’s not empty anymore.

  • Ben Tiffany

    There is something about the adrenaline rush of buying new notebooks. While reading Kerouac’s ‘Book of Sketches’ (and it took me awhile) I went out and bought small notebooks of various sizes several times. Most of them now sit at the bottom of my backpack. The ones that get used tend to end up filled with shopping lists and drawings by my niece and nephew. BTW, until I read your blog and then did some googling and wikipedia-ing, I never knew about moleskine notebooks. However I do have both the cheap kind and some glue, and there is a flattened mole carcass rotting right down the street from where I live . . .

  • charmaine

    shenanigans. you need to fill that think up! and let me borrow yr playstation 2 and wii…

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