Dear My Tivo,

I’m not sure whether to kiss or kick you for cutting off the last 8 minutes of the American Idol grand finale tonight.

I’ll say this, though: showcasing Joe Perry for the coverband hack he is was a real stroke of genius. I’ve been studying that chuttering guitar solo he did on “You Really Got Me” (w/Sanjaya on lead vocals, *natch*) frame by frame on super-duper slow-mo, hoping to pick up some tips for shredding that bitch (on hard difficulty, TYVM…) in Guitar Hero II. But it’s all for naught, of course, because in the end, he’s still just Joe Perry, and Joe Perry sucks ass.

I take back what I said at the beginning of this letter; I know perfectly well what to do.



2 responses to “Dear My Tivo,

  • bonniedodge

    aw, you didn’t miss much. Since the producers stacked the cards with “You are my Now” there was no way Blake was going home with the idol. That was clear Tuesday night. So, did you want me to get tickets at the Nampa Center???

  • trevor

    I totally agree. That craptacular song they made those poor kids sing Tuesday night made it more than obvious which way the producers were leaning this last week. What can you say, though, really? Jordin’s way hotter than Blake; I’d say that even if I were gay, too. 😉

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