The Else

New album by They Might Be Giants!  Hooray!


5 responses to “The Else

  • Ben Tiffany

    Dear TMBG,

    Do you think you could please start this album with a cool song by John, instead of a lame one by John, as you are so prone to do? I realize after having seen you perform many times in person that John is the glue that holds the band together, but come on, we all know that John is the real songwriting genius.



    PS I hope that the mutual crush you and the Pixies (esp. Frank Black) have on each other continues forever.

  • trevor

    Hey Ben,

    You have your Johns exactly backwards. Shame on you.

  • Ben

    Ha ha ha. Well put. Happy birthday, Trevor.

  • trevor

    Thanks, man.

    And hey, that’s a nifty website you’ve constructed there. Mind if I link up?

  • Ben

    Thanks Trevor. Yeah that would be awesome. I’m still trying to learn all the details about blogging and building web pages, but I’m slowly getting there!

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