it gets worse: VT shooter was an English major

The Virginia Tech tragedy deepens:

It is now confirmed the shooter was a 23-year old South Korean National name Cho Seung-Hui who resided in Centreville, VA.

Hui was a senior English major at VT. [emphasis mine]


Oh, and guess what else? A former classmate of Cho Seung-Hui’s has already scanned and posted two of the shooter’s one-act plays. The comments on this thread are disappointing, to say the least; not only are they a juvenile and morbid form of Monday-morning quarterbacking, but also play into the larger (and inevitable…) Blame Game that started as soon as the shooter’s identity was revealed and confirmed. Commonly-held misconceptions had Klebold and Harris, as you might remember, shooting up their high school in suburban Denver because they played Quake and listened to Marilyn Manson. The nation’s worst school shooting is no longer the twisted accomplishment of a couple of bored and bullied kids from the burbs; it is now the posthumous claim to fame of a soon-to-graduate English major and creative writer who–supposedly–could have been stopped if only his teachers and advisers at Virginia Tech had intervened in time.

I contemplate what all of the above insinuates and I can only shudder.


I teach fiction writing courses at a community college in Oregon City, OR, a simple beeline north of the town of Springfield, where Kip Kinkle carried out a Columbine of his own just a few years ago. A great number of my students are very interested in both reading and writing frequently violent and disturbing stories; none of them have shot up a classroom, and all of them are wonderful, talented people. What am I supposed to do?

I also teach a literature course at the same community college that focuses on games and gaming culture. Almost all of the students in the course have played first-person shooters; likewise, none of them have shot up a classroom, and they too, are all wonderful, talented people (in fact, some of them are the same wonderful, talented people from the above-mentioned courses). What am I supposed to do?


Yahoo News’ current lead headline: “Va. Tech gunman writings raised concerns.”



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