one down, one to go

The winter quarter for me at Clackamas CC is officially over now that I’ve uploaded this archive of the Comics & Literature (ENG216) class I taught last term. I’m making the course syllabus, podcasted discussions and final projects available via OER Commons protocols.

In similar fashion, I’ll be using yet another blog to create a more or less living archive of the Games & Literature (ENG299) course that begins next week. Podcasts should begin appearing no later than the first weekend in April, and the course syllabus is already available. Click here to subscribe to the RSS feed.


One response to “one down, one to go

  • Amee

    Trevor, I noticed your recent post mentioning OER Commons. Thanks so much for making more people aware of our site.

    As program manager, I would like to encourage you and others to not only use this new open teaching and learning network to find, tag, rate, review available materials, but to add the metadata for course and curricular content you may have authored, to give it greater visibility and make it available for adaptation, as much your licensing conditions allow.

    We have a metadata schema for describing items, and perhaps this is what you mean by “OER Commons protocols”, which also includes using Creative Commons licenses. When a content provider wishes to add items to our system, we have various processes in place for doing that, and are developing online services to automate some of these processes.

    Please contact: to get more involved, get the schema to describe your items, and become a content provider in the growing network of open materials.

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