Warren Ellis on Second Life

Warren Ellis has a few choice words about Second Life here:

I met Ickabod Humphreys down by the Wall in Transylvania. The conversation went like this:

ME: Ickabod, I’ve got to say… you just rezzed into view here, and you look just **** disturbing tonight.

HIM: Thank you. My job here is done then.

ME: I should take your photo for Reuters.

HIM: Okay, now that would be disturbing.

Because, you see, he’s a deformed Goth mouse with one tooth in his head, and I’m the disturbing one. He’s not the most extreme avatar I’ve seen in Transylvania – sometimes the things that walk through my place make me double-check to see if someone slipped something into my drink – but I think he does illustrate that not everyone inworld is an arch little fantasist.


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