tonight tonight

I’m taking my son to see his first rock concert tonight in Portland, a triple bill with Snow Patrol, OKGo and the Silversun Pickups. Can’t wait.


2 responses to “tonight tonight

  • Frank Sauce

    How old is your son?
    Is this appropriate?
    My first rock concert was Fleetwood Mac. I smelt a lot of pot that night, even though, at the time, my dad didn’t smoke pot. My next concert was Heart. After that? Devo, dude!

    Rock on!


  • trevor

    He’s 10. There was no pot last night that I could smell (surprising for a Portland show, I know), but the sexual tension among Beavertron teens was thick enough for a machete. All in all, a great show by all three bands, but I swear man, if I see another Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie…

    Fleetwood Mac/Heart/Devo is an excellent triumverate, my friend. Beats the hell out of mine: Ronnie Milsap/Barry Manilow/Air Supply


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