NY Times profiles The Crumbs

If any doubt remained as to the mainstreaming of comix and the steady deification of R. Crumb, this should probably kill it:

SHORTLY after Robert and Aline Crumb moved from the United States to a small village in this valley in the South of France, they were asked to participate in a summer medieval festival. For the event local politicians don robes like those once worn by feudal lords, and most of the citizens wear peasant rags.Mr. Crumb, timid, like the famous cartoon caricature of himself he draws in his comic strips, is not one for parades. The father of Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural and Devil Girl declined to participate.

Ms. Crumb, bold, like the red-haired cartoon version of herself she draws, agreed to join the procession and asked for the cotton rags. The festival organizers would not hear of it. “They told me, ‘No, you have to get a costume of a lady in waiting because your husband is an important person,’ ” Ms. Crumb, 59, recalled over breakfast at their 13-room house, parts of which date from the 11th century.


2 responses to “NY Times profiles The Crumbs

  • sophia scalpel

    fucking idiot. so intelligent your link from aligula to caligula..you think.
    all you can say is “fucking”, “bitches”, et cettera..
    there is no reason to wonder why you wrote that “open letter” towards michael. the answer is easy: a coward called trevor is bit too scared to confront mister alig in real life.

    poor guy you are..that you need to use/abuse/judge others in your pathetic blogs in hope the public reads your shit.. and you desperately try to be so funny. if only you could shit humour, then i maybe could/would even laugh about your lines…sigh.

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