say it aint so, Michael Berube!

It’s a sad day in the blogosphere because Michael Berube is calling it quits:

…the real reason I’m retiring the blog, which is this: I’ve now taken the medium as far as it can go.  I feel it’s too constrained, too limiting.  My new project for 2007 will involve v-casting my enormous looming ghostly head directly into your living room so that I can harangue you and your loved ones at any hour of the day.  This new form will also be available in eight-track format with a “citizens’ band.” And we hope you like our new direction!

Michael Berube drydocking his blog now is the internet equivalent of that dark, inevitable day down the road when Stephen Colbert mothballs The Report. Over the past three years, Berube’s site has been a daily must-read for culture warriors and academic aesthetes, and I will miss his sardonic and exhaustive posts.

A moment of silence, please?


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