Alan Moore: The Playboy Interview

Excellent interview here with Alan Moore, chiefly concerning Lost Girls.  Here’s a taste: How did you come up with the idea to use these three characters that have been ingrained in American and British pop culture for generations?

Moore: I’d been thinking for years all through my early mainstream career about the possibility of producing an extended piece of comic strip narrative that was entirely about sex rather than the odd issue focused upon sex that I maybe worked into Swamp Thing. I wanted to see if it was possible to do an extended narrative that was just about sex, which didn’t have a swamp monster in it and which didn’t need to have action in the sense of constant violence. It occurred to me that since there are plenty of stories that are based around constant violence, it should be possible to do a story based around constant sex. Although that was an honorable idea, I didn’t really get very far with it. I couldn’t think of a sexual story that didn’t sound sort of smutty or as if it was just using sex as a way of spicing up an otherwise dull story.

We talked about what we did want to do with pornography and more importantly what we didn’t want to do in pornography. We cast around for an idea. There were a couple of false starts. I probably mentioned my fairly lame Peter Pan idea. Melinda said that she had always been interested in stories that had three women in the main dramatic role; three women as protagonists. These two ideas kind of crossbred and I suppose that the chain of thought went from, “Well, if Wendy from Peter Pan was one of these three women, then who would the other two women be.” Alice and Dorothy are just obvious.


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