stop-and-pause DRIFTs into Sonic Youth: 8 nov

Cat Tyc’s majestic stop-and-pause film series touches down for its third installment this Wednesday, November 8, at Holocene in SE Portland. The DRIFT screening will feature:

2 rare pieces by filmmaker Leah Singer & SY member Lee Ranaldo and a collection of live performance collaborations chronicled by both filmmakers along with one Fluxus homage performance film by Chris Habib.


DJ Yeti (Mike McGonigal) will spin contemporaries and influences of the band (krautrock, free jazz, avant garde compositions & NY school poetry) during the intermission part of the evening.


a selection of short films produced by the band (shot by Ranaldo & Singer), including four “noise” films: live footage of SY along with Pavement, Afrirampo, Wolf Eyes, Merzbow and others, accompanied by live or manipulated soundtracks that chronicle the immediate free form experience from the stage in Ranaldo’s immediate diarist style ; and Chris Habib’s film of the band’s 1999 performance of George Maciunas’ “Piano Piece #13” (for Nam June Paik).

That’s a whole lotta Youth for only 5 clams.  Get there.


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