Pencil Fight 3 Launch Party

Just saw this over at 2GQ:

Friday, September 29th from 6pm-9pm we have the farty party. PF#3 is finally out. The “when Plants Attack” issue. We will host the first annual Pencil Fighting Championship, have delicious treats, prizes, and a healthy portion of artists signings. Artist list TBA. This all happens at Grass Hut Shop/Renowned Gallery. 811 East Burnside, Portland OR. Hope to see you there. List of interviews and contributing artists to PF#3 includes: Carson Ellis, Mike Giant, Justin Williams, Brian Ralph, Justin Scrappers Morrison, David K Rose, Jessdica Lynch, Kiyoshi nakazawa, Maja D’aoust, Michael Brophy, Martin Ontiveros, Jo jackson, Tim Biskup, Jilf, Craig thompson, Dalek, Jeff Soto, Sarajo Frieden, Jon Burgerman, Abe Lincoln Jr., lauren gregg, Joseph bergin, James Jean, APAK, and David Wien.

Tres cool.


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