still rings true

On Saturday night I caught Built to Spill at the Crystal Ballroom. This is the first time I've seen them with Brett Netson in the mix, and I have to kick myself for not getting out more. With Netson careening between Doug Martsch and Jim Roth, the sound those three guitars produce together is incredibly rich. The setlist was a nice mix of newer songs (at least two of which are brand new), and a great cover of The Gladiators' "Re-arrange" to boot. A small projection screen above the stage cycled through artwork by Mike Scheer, the highlight of which was a sequence of panels inspired by a Lassie children's book. The screen also featured a short film by/starring Calvin Johnson.

True to form, the band took the stage just a tad after 11 (The Prids and Netson opened) and played right up to 1 am. It's now two days later and my ears are literally still ringing, which tells me I'm probably getting too old to stay up that late and/or listen to live music in smaller venues without shields or earplugs. Dagnabbit.


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