Stupid Smarch Weather

The two of you who read this humble little blog both emailed me last week, expressing concern that all might not be well here, and that you'd better check in to make damn well sure. So here's a quick, virtual A-OK that all is perfectly fine between me and the internets, and mostly has been for the six weeks between posts here. I didn't mean to take a break for so long, but I'm glad I did.

There's been plenty to talk about, too, including the end of one academic term at the community college and beginning of yet another; the editorial caressing of the new issue of CLR, NW Edge 3 and my short story collection; the total whirlwind that was &NOW; basking in the sunlight of old friends from my U of I and ISU days; conjuring/imposing a Choose Your Own Adventure publication project on my fiction writing students;  endlessly shuffling tracks from the new Built to Spill album on my nano; breathing in and finally exhaling the fumes from our living room makeover; my long-overdue conversion to a Mac, and my fundamentally hopeless addiction to all things TiVo. I have the best of intentions to fill out all that parallel structure in the previous sentence with glittering detail, but that's probably as far as it'll get for now.

From this point forward:



4 responses to “Stupid Smarch Weather

  • Anonymous

    Hell, I was still watching your old RSS feed until about 2 weeks ago… well, Safari was watching it for me 😉

    -Former Lindley Lance Reader

  • trevor

    Nice! Way to break out with the Lindley Lance reset, mysterious stranger.

    Reveal thyself!

  • lurk

    Well kewl! I never even aspired to be a mysterious stranger.

    One other little bit of interesting news is that I am now married to an assistant professor, I may be a kept man yet! 😉

  • trevor

    Lurk! Fantastic to hear from you. And congrats to Anne! I know that’s been a long haul, but obviously well-worth it.

    Drop me an email and I’ll send you some recent blackmail pics of His Smedness…

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