New York…errr…Chicago…err…Boston Celtics???

Three observations about the Celtics’ new roadies:

1) First and foremost, they are fugly. The new, black-lettered alternates were already bad enough, but these definitely have those beat. What’s more, they’re a clear rip-off of a certain university located in South Bend, Indiana.

2) These were supposedly made to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, which isn’t for five more days. They’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day all week for some reason, but it *was* still called St. Patrick’s Day the last time I checked.

3) I could be well and fine with all of the above if the NBA hadn’t licensed special St. Patty’s day gear for the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks as well:

As a long-time Cs fan, I have major problems seeing “Bulls” set against that gorgeous green, and conniption-sized ones seeing the clover underneath that ghastly orange and white typeface.

Yes, of course: New York City and Chicago have large Irish populations, too, but this is really pushing it…


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