QOTD: Seahawks Fan

I hear even Jesus was rooting against the Seahawks. -Craig L

Berube puts it into its proper socio-cultural context, though, when he explains how all those bad calls can be chalked up to Seattle’s uniforms:

I like those uniforms too, but, as we learned yet again this evening, you just can’t mess with the codes of masculinity.  Not on a football field, at least.  I mean, did you notice how many times the refs flagged the Seahawks for bogus “holding? calls, let alone the egregious (Dubya’s word, not mine) miscall on Hasselbeck’s tackle after Taylor’s interception, early in the fourth?  If you watched the entire game carefully, and if you could read lips, you could see the umpire saying things like, “guys, there was no way Jackson pushed off on that TD catch?—the one with two minutes left in the first quarter—“but c’mon, do you realize these Seahawk guys are wearing matching pants and jerseys??

Whereupon the rest of the officiating crew would look at their shoes and mumble, “OK, sure, that was a legit catch, but DAMN those uniforms are unmanly.? And so just like that, Mr. Jackson had no touchdown catch.

By contrast, why was Big Ben’s touchdown ruled a touchdown?  Well, perhaps it was because the front couple of atoms of the football he was holding broke the p-shells of some of the atoms residing in the quantum space of the “plane? of the “front edge? of the Seahawks’ “goal line,? before he and the ball were knocked back to the one-centimeter line.  And perhaps it was because Ben was wearing BLACK and GOLD, as opposed to PAJAMAS.


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