The [Rick] Moody Blues

PopMatters recently interviewed novelist Rick Moody about his musical moonlighting with the Wingdale Community Singers.

PopMatters: How does the creative experience of musical collaboration within the band differ from the inherent solitary nature of writing?

Rick Moody: You’ve sort of provided your own answer. Part of the reason I do it is to get away from lone computer time, lone compositional time, and it enables me to interact with other people and that’s incredibly fulfilling. Upon reflection now it occurs to me that what I really love about doing the band is that I just love to sing. Leaving aside whether I have a good voice or a bad voice, the point is that that experience is so dramatically different from what I’m doing most of the rest of the time, it does my heart and my artistic development tremendous good to have the opportunity. And in certain situations where I’m singing with Hannah [Marcus], I feel like the experience of singing harmony does that really important thing, it involves me with other people and it does something that’s bigger than me. And it’s something I’m subsumed into, rather than being a big, sort of solitary, self-willed ego trip like novel writing can be sometimes. So, that’s what it’s about, and good, bad, or indifferent, that experience is really crucial to making life more fruitful and more livable. That’s why I’m still doing it.


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