Wolcott on Medved’s impending Brokeback-breakdown

James Wolcott takes aim at film critic Michael Medved’s squirming over the success of Brokeback Mountain:

Now that Brokeback is gaining cultural traction and influence, its title entering the pop lexicon, Medved has decided it’s time to reach for the cudgel, or, in his case, a foam hammer that wouldn’t harm a flea.

Unable to impugn the movie on the caliber of its acting, directing, etc, he’s reduced to whining that the film hasn’t been “honestly advertised,” as if he were some consumer advocate. Medved must think moviegoers are bigger idiots than he is. He couldn’t be more wrong. Nobody’s a bigger idiot than he is. Except for the cranky patriarch in Boondocks (and he’s a cartoon character), everybody knows that Brokeback is that “gay cowboy” movie. (And yes I know they’re not technically cowboys, they’re sheepherders, go away, don’t bother me.) There are no recorded incidents of someone being lured into the cineplex under false pretenses and coming out Gay.


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