fistful of Rain Taxi

Given a deathmatch between the new print edition of Rain Taxi and its online cohort, I’ll take the electronic version every time. Featured: reviews of new/recent work by Neil Gaiman, Lance Olsen, Warren Ellis, Adrian Castro, Michel Houellebecq and Chuck Palahniuk. There’s also Robert J. Nebel’s fiery interview with Kinko’s founder Paul Orfale, who tees off on the woeful state of education in the United States:

NEBEL: Now that you are retired at a rather young age, you find time to teach at the University of California at Santa Barbara and the University of Southern California. What do you see in today’s students?

ORFALE: We have education ass-backwards. 90% of students that I have taught do not know that a Senate term is six years long. They are global studies majors! We are producing a bunch of trout. A trout will bite the hook and a few minutes later will bite the same hook. That is how long their memories are.

NEBEL: Do good grades typically translate to good corporate leaders?

ORFALE: Kids that are allegedly better students are in an elitist class in first and second grade and then they go to their high schools, they go to their universities and the normal dumb shits like me are down at the bottom. These people go to elitist schools and they replicate their elitist thoughts in the corporations.


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