Federman’s feet-feat

Imagine that: Raymond Federman has something to say about his new book, More Loose Shoes & Smelly Socks.

The great thing about Federman’s new book…is that it cancels itself as one reads it — so that when you read this book you cannot tell if Federman really wrote what you read or if he read it himself somewhere else


One response to “Federman’s feet-feat

  • MD

    Ray told me Loose Shoes was The Ultimate Federman.

    I thot, OK.

    The Ultimate Federman.

    I got it last week and am about 1/2way through it and W.O.W. It is seriously marvelous. Not just marvelous but SERIOUSLY marvelous. FORMIDABLE but enticingly entertaining. Not a single photo or holograph, even on the wraps. It doesn’t need it. It’s a purely text-based alien being and one rife with mad typographical laughter.

    This is not an ad. It’s kind of like tagging.

    It is The Ultimate Federman.


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