noulipo conference: 28-29 october

This looks very, very cool:

noulipo is the second annual experimental writing event to be held at REDCAT, the Roy and Edna Disney CalArts Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

It takes place on the weekend of October 28th and 29th, 2005,

noulipo puts new and established writers into dialogue about issues in contemporary writing and its relations to everyday life.

This year our focus is on the legacy of the French literary group Oulipo, inviting a conversation between the originators of this major experimental collective and some of their English speaking counterparts and heirs. Our aim is to discuss currents in contemporary writing that combine strategies developed by members of the Oulipo with other techniques, to move beyond an oppositional idea of form and develop new modes of wordwork that challenge structures of domination by seriously playing with the wor(l)d.

Speakers include, Caroline Bergvall, Christian Bök, Johanna Drucker, Paul Fournel, Tan Lin, Harry Mathews, Bernadette Mayer, Ian Monk, Harryette Mullen, Janet Sarbanes, Juliana Spahr, Rodrigo Toscano, Matias Viegener, Christine Wertheim, Rob Wittig.

During the daytimes there will be 5 discussion panels (3 writers each + moderator) organized around themes related to the overall aim. A final summary panel will reflect upon the discussions and suggest directions for further debate.


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