Bush cutcast #1: 31 Aug 2005


The Red Mike Brown is in charge of all FEMA and the Army Corps of shut down because of the Cross needs our help. I urge federal response and Engineers are working around storm. I instructed Secretary our fellow citizens to recovery efforts in the field. The clock with Louisiana Bodman to work with refiners, contribute. The folks on the I’ve instructed them to work officials to repair the breaches people who need crude oil, to Gulf Coast are going to need closely with state and local in the levees so we can stop alleviate any shortage through the help of this country for a officials, as well as with the flooding in New Orleans. Loans. The Environmental long time. This is going to be private sector, to ensure that our second priority is to Protection Agency has a difficult road. The we’re helping, not hindering, sustain lives by ensuring granted a nationwide waiver challenges that we face on recovery efforts. This recovery adequate food, water, shelter for fuel blends to make more the ground are unprecedented. Will take a long time. This and medical supplies for gasoline and diesel fuel. But there’s no doubt in my recovery will take years. Our survivors and dedicated available throughout the mind we’re going to succeed. Efforts are now focused on citizens—dislocated citizens. Country.

[streaming mp3]



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