Yuknavitch on Cindy Sheehan-as-novel-in-progress

Chiasmus Press has launched a new blog complete with an incisive inaugural post by Lidia Yuknavitch, who cocks her hyperfictional eye at the Cindy Sheehan flap.


plot: grieving mother (see above) wants soldier son’s death (see above) to “signify” so that we can stop the war (see above).

pathos: poor sad mother. oh wait, other mothers rise to action to “compete” with this grieving mother, to drown her out, to displace her, womb to womb.

complication: she doesn’t really “engage” in the war at the front. she doesn’t really accept the enemy sent to fight her. she just keeps saying over and over again in that flattened out mother voice with no make-up and saggy tits and big hips and tired eyes, mr. president, you lied.


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