Chew on this

Chiasma Productions is now shipping Films of Taste, a DVD collection featuring four short films from Portland-based writer/director Andy Mingo.


…Andy Mingo has created films that cross the line which separates literature and the moving image. Including the recently completed short, bravo america, with original music by Kill Me Tomorrow, Andy explores the life of a numb college professor looking for greater meaning in her own life by attempting to rescue a prostitute from life on the streets. Silence in 60 Seconds is a found footage haiku that juxtaposes Soviet state sponsored images with those of the “war on terror.” Beatings explores the fine line between living and dying as a young man’s ordinary life is thrown into crisis. While Chronology of Water gives a glimpse of a woman’s life seen through the metaphor of water as it dives into the problematic relationship of a young woman and her abusive father.



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