Zoe Trope: Peach-y Keen

Ms. Trope has a new short, “The Obsession of Princess Peach,” over at Pindeldyboz. Pure crystal, as usual.


…I can tell everything about his adolescent lifestyle from his hands. The fingers are curled and crippled from being wrapped around video game controllers or his dick, and his black shirt is dusted with small patches of white flakes on the shoulders. I make note of his skin problems: pale from sitting inside, dry from handling large manuals of tips and cheat codes, flaky from lack of bathing, and generally foul-smelling for the same reason. I wish they had a section of greeting cards for nerdy gamers so I could hand them an envelope with a sentiment like: I love and pity you in an entirely screwed up way. Maybe something less specific like: I want to try to love you. I want to save you. Or something slutty– You may have issues with eye strain and carpal tunnel syndrome, but I’ll still fuck you.


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