Second. Row.

The show was amazing. I found myself at times incredulous that the Stripes’ full, heavy sound is nothing more than the collision of a guitar and three-piece drumkit, and even more impressed by the improv, stream-of-consciousness quality of their setlist. It took Jack White all of 45 seconds into the first song to break a string with his frenzied playing style, and the show didn’t let up one iota for nearly two full hours. My seat was close enough that I could hear the soft tap of Jack’s reptilian red leather shoes against the pedals of his gloss-black Steinway piano, and that I could translate most of the eye and body language between him and Meg as she hovered above her bass drum; needless to say, it just doesn’t get much better than that.

Thanks for the hookup, Paul. 😉


3 responses to “Second. Row.

  • Anonymous


    When I was in Atlanta, I got lucky to find last minute tickets to an Elvis Costello show, which was also in a small theater, and I got right up under the stage. Pretty sure I ended up with some Elvis spit or sweat on me. He tore the place down.


  • Trevor Dodge

    Oooooh….Elvis Costello would be a great show, for sure. Even out in the parking lot.

    What were you doing in Atlanta anyway? Taking in a Hawks game, I’ll bet. 😉

  • Anonymous

    Those were the days of warmth, when we lived down there, right near Little Five Points.


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