Liveblogging Live8

Watching Vh-1’s hit-and-miss coverage of the Live8 concerts today. They’re focusing primarily on highlights from the Philadelphia show. I’m getting frustrated by all the commercial interruptions—would have been nice for them to work out some sort of pay per view solution, where each concert would be on its own live-feed channel.

Right now they’re showing Linkin Park’s mini-set with Jay-Z on tape delay. Big Pimpin’ indeed…an amazing performance.

Now that DVRs, MP3 players and high-speed internet connections are so prevalent, I’m wondering how long it will take to get CD-quality out-takes. I wanted to see the opening for the London show, with U2, Paul McCartney and Coldplay—hopefully snippets will start appearing online in the next day or so.

UPDATE: Just found the U2/McCartney rendition of “Sgt. Pepper’s” on LimeWire. Good news/tunes travels fast…


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