Dear Michael Alig

“Dear Michael Alig” is my latest short fiction, appearing now in Potion #2.


Is it really appropriate to title your memoir ALIGULA? What I’ve heard is that you’ve written nearly 600 pages, and you’ve only discussed your life up to 12 years old so far. From what I saw in the movie, you’re no Leslie Fielder. You grew up in South Bend, Indiana. That’s Domer country if I’m not mistaken. Nothing interesting happened to you when you lived there, and especially nothing so compelling that you’d need 600 pages to talk about it. Unless you’re writing about Joe Montana, who would have been there at the time you were growing up. What I’m saying is that if I pick up your goddamn book, there better be a ton of shit about Joe Montana in it.


13 responses to “Dear Michael Alig

  • Anonymous

    I think it is totaly rude to diss Michael. Whatever ever people say about you Michael, don’t listen because you have a good influence on people. Others are just jealous of you.

  • Anonymous

    I personally feel that Michael is a great person and alot of people would want to learn about your life Michael. Keep on writting and telling us about your life.

  • Candace

    Hey i could read million pgs. on Michael!! Don’t judge the book just because he grew up in what you think was a boring town. Lookin forward to reading it!

  • Adam White

    Not a bad story, Mr. Dodge. Reminds me a little of those letters in McSweeney’s where some guy writes to CEOs of big companies from the point of view of his dog.

    Actually, given the weird tone of the character’s voice, and his inability to stay on one topic, maybe this story would have made more sense if it was written from the point of view of one of your pets.

    That Daffy Duck cartoon is one of my favorites, so maybe I’m just into stories that feature talking animals. Best of luck with your next writing project.

  • Trevor Dodge

    Thanks, Adam. I appreciate your dropping by to take a look.

    Speaking of which: I surfed over to Is that your site? I know I’ve seen it before—great job you’re doing there. I especially dig that Richard Kadrey piece. Would you mind if I linked to you?

  • Anonymous

    Hi, Trevor,

    I’m one of the contributors to I’ve written a bunch of comics and short stories for them. Feel free to link over to the site; I’m sure that Travis Anderson, the ed-in-chief, wouldn’t mind.


  • Anonymous

    Bottom line you are a murderer who is serving time in a correctional facility for committing an act/behavior that is unacceptable to ligitimized society; notwithstanding, we don’t judge the quality of the individual who was murdered but the act. What is interesting about you is that you are Gay, come from humble beginings, ambitious, have a relentless reservour of energy and like the pink bunny on television keep right on hopping. I think your philosophies were in the right place – to find a place for those disenfrachised individuals in our society – the “colombine black trench coat” types. Unfortunately you didn’t realize that your honorable intentions, power would be tested via temptations of the failed and so your vision of an open accepting world crumbled with it. I hope you can still create that world of acceptance for all, freedom for all, love for all, fun for all, because its the idealism that still burns that is pure about your life tainted as it is by your failed temptations. So – I give you a commission – to pick yourself up and create the world you spoke of without falling to the temptations around you and dedicate it to the one you failed most – Angel Melendez.

  • Kara

    To whoever the fuck you think you are!!!!!!
    I am personally writeing to Michael Alig and I would deeply respect it if you would not diss him, you have every write to give your opinion and thats fine but if Michael were to read what you said he would be very upset. And just what do you think you know about Michael? You only know what you have seen on T.V. and there are many more things for you to learn about Michael. If you want to talk about this then E-MAIL me but only write to me with respect for me and Michael
    Thank-you Kara

  • Anonymous

    its funny that none of you even knew michael or angel , i did , and your all soo sadly starstruck.

    michael is a murderer. hes not in jail for being too fabulous.

  • Jeff The Impaler

    If Michael gets out soon I think he’s served his time and paid his debt. I fear his perception of reality may be mistaken if he thinks the club scene is the same and he’ll be the IT boy. Gone are the days of silly outfits, I mean he’s 40 years old now!! How does one do P.R. when they’ve been out of touch so long, and that little fringe of society is gone. I hope he doesn’t turn to drugs again, for his sake, it’s what ruined him,hope he learned his lesson,also that he’s reasearched an alternate vocation,his old vocation is obsolete.

  • Anonymous

    I knew Michael and I knew Angel. Knew them all.

    The glorofication of Alig is sickening as is the glorification of those days.

    Was it fun? Oh, yes. But the price of that fun was far too high.

    Angel was just one of many who paid dearly.

    The club world revolves around predation. After a few years the glitter wore off and all I saw was the horror.

  • Stardust

    From what I’ve read, Micheal was an awesome person. He loved to party and have fun. He made a mistake. He got into drugs which led to even bigger mistakes. Hes been paying for those mistakes ever since they happened and I don’t think that you should go and badmouth him. I’m sure hes had enough of it. soooo…


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