Retaking Review

A review of Davis Schneiderman and Philip Walsh’s Retaking the Universe is up at Word Riot.


In this text, Burroughs’ writing becomes “a form of resistance.” (Skerl xiii) From his very beginnings, Burroughs’ writing is a search to find freedom and enlightenment. Yet in order to accomplish this end, it became necessary for Burroughs’ to undermine the control system, the language, that commands our world. His words are subversive and serve to establish a new ground upon which, in time, through a repeated patterned movement, personal freedom can be attained. This freedom is only available to those willing to do the work of walking the Labyrinth, willing to find the monster that resides within and come to terms with the resultant and imposed psychological stigmas. The modern Theseus must come to understand that the beast that lives within us, is only a beast because society has deemed named it thus, with the intention of controlling and limiting the development of individual, the bane of society.


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