Olsen and Guthrie: flashers

Lance Olsen has teamed up with mixed media artist Tim Guthrie to breathe digital life into an excerpt from Olsen’s 1996 novel Burnt. “The Nature of the Creative Process” is a flashfiction-alized version of one of the most darkly comic passages I’ve come across as both a reader and live audience member, in which a lovably eccentric novelist likens his writing gig to a roadside Situationist spectacle featuring a row of ducklings and a ball peen hammer. On his own, Olsen has made this particular piece a crowd favorite at readings over the past decade; with Guthrie’s help, “Nature” is going worldwide digital, currently circuiting a handful of animation festivals. Olsen and Guthrie are also collaborating on a multimedia version of Olsen’s forthcoming novel 10:01, about “what goes through the minds of a theater full of people the ten minutes and one second before the feature commences.” Chiasmus Press will be releasing the dead tree version in spring of 2005.


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