The End of A Somethin

Spent all of last week with good friends in Las Vegas, where I celebrated the end of my five-year stint in adjunctia. After grading my last barrage of research essays and writing portfolios for my summer classes at PCC, Clark and Marylhurst, I boarded a plane, loosened my belt, emptied my pockets, and let all the chips fall where they may. At the Virgin Megastore located inside Caesar’s Palace, I even thumbed through the already well-thumbed store copy of Michael Hemmingson’s choose your own adventure novel. That put a nice cap on things, for sure.

And so it seems that I’ve finally gone legit.

Next month I’ll be starting my full-time, tenure-track gig at Clackamas Community College in Oregon City, where I’ll be teaching creative writing, lit and composition. It’s been a long road to my first f/t position, as those of you who know me can attest. This past year I carried a particularly brutal teaching schedule that left me little time for friends and family and absolutely no time to write. I’m looking forward to the challenges and potential rewards at Clackamas, as well as reclaiming big chunks of my life.

This professional and personal segueway wouldn’t be possible without a whole truckload of mentors and colleagues whose names I’ll leave out for now. And it sure wouldn’t be possible without the grace and patience of my past students, many of whom served as inspiration to me along the way.

Thanks, everyone. I guess this means I have to stop mugging like Susan Lucci now, doesn’t it?


2 responses to “The End of A Somethin

  • Carceraglio

    Congratulations. I had looked at your CV and wondered how you had time to live.

  • Trevor Dodge

    Thanks, Diana. I was wondering that myself when I updated the CV a couple of weeks ago. Except it was more like: “I taught HOW MANY classes last year?” Guhhh.

    Nice to hear from you! Let’s see an August post on your blog before the month’s over, too. Please? 🙂

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