Ryan Bubnis forwarded this:

Artist Reception:
Saturday June 26 8-10pm & Sunday June 27 showing 6-8pm
at the historic MARINE CLUB
573 Homer St, Vancouver BC
with special musical guests
Saturday- SWANK and ELDORADO
Sunday -The COLORIFICS (Early Show)

Shiver me timbers!! AARRRGH!!
Avast ye landlubbers,scurvy dogs and wenches!
Thar be a mighty storm a -brewin’ wi’ a wannion in the port o’call

LOWBROW on the HIGH SEAS: The Pirate Arrt Show!
Hoist yer mainsails and git yer arse to tha
Marine Club on June 26th and 27th
for Vancouver’s premier pirate themed Arrrt Extravaganza.
Two nights of fantastical art,musical merriment and costumery
featurin’ worldy buccaneers and gentlewomen of fortune from BC and

12 Midnite * Jason Ainsworth * Antonia Allan * Pili Alvarez* Holly Ruth Anderson * Tom Bagley* David Boswell *Breadman * Lenny Brisco * Ryan Bubnis * Dan Collins * Jenna Colby * Michaela Eaves * Rob Elliott * Angela Fama *Rod Filbrandt * Ken Gerberick * Graeme * Kevin House *Angelique Houtkamp * Drazen Kozjan * Brad Lambert * James Lloyd * L. Kelly Lyles * Vicki M. * Jessica McCourt * Krysztof Nemeth * Erin Norlin * Derek Nobbs * Christine Olsen * Darcy Paterson * Shaunna Peterson * Dave “Pepe”Petko * Owen Plummer * Terry Plummer * Liizah Radforth * Sara Ray *Bonni Reid * Robert Rini * Rev. Rot * Bob Scott * Stu Mackay-Smith *Nicole Steen T. Paul Ste. Marie * Bryce Thing * Andrea Tucker * Colin Upton * Heather Watts * Kipling West * Bruce Wilson * Annie Wilkinson * Chad Woodley * D’Arcy Yurchuk

Bring yer doubloons and swag ye bilge-rats,pull up a rum keg and set a
spell. We’ll splice the mainbrace and down thee many claps o’ thunder,me
buckos and strumpettes. Get on the account mateys there be arrt to espy and
purchase and booty to be fought o’er. Be there or we be puttin’ the black spot on ye yet and hangin’ ye from the yardarm.

Dead men tell no tales!


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