SRI goes south of the border

An anonymous commenter just posted dates and times for two readings in support of Robert Corbett and Rebecca Brown’s 2003 anthology Experimental Theology. The readings this upcoming weekend in Astoria and Portland are sponsored by the Seattle Research Institute, and will feature writers Lesley Hazelton, Diana George, Selah Saterstrom and John Olsen. Click here for the skinny.

Thank you, mysterious stranger. 😉


2 responses to “SRI goes south of the border

  • Carceraglio

    It is I, the mysterious stranger, aka Diana. Thanks for re-posting the notice about the readings. I just posted anonymously, earlier, because I may or may not have been at my place of employment at that time you see on the blog there.

  • Trevor Dodge

    Thanks, Diana. Let me know if you need a time/date stamp changed there. 😉

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